Sailing and golf

There a number of sought after and famous property locations in the world for which a harbour and marina is an integral part of it’s image. A number of names readily spring to mind including possibly Monte Carlo, Puerto Banus or Cape Town.
Our main property location of Gulluk will be able to boast it’s own new marina in the not too distant future.

The old seaport in the town has recently closed and this now opens the way for the development of a new marina and water front area. This will enhance even further the focus and lifestyle of Gulluk and the marina can be expected to be a very positive factor for Gulluk’s property investors.

And More!

As nearby Lake Tuzla, just over a 10 minute drive, a new golf course is also planned that will also be part of the renaissance of Gulluk.

Plans for the new course are already under way. Monte Carlo and Puerto Banus were mentioned as comparisons earlier so golfers might like to think of Pebble Beach as the golfing equivalent.