Turkey: key facts

Turkey is truly a country rich in history and culture that is not surprising for a civilisation celebrating 10,000 years.

In that time, Turkey has perfected the art of hospitality and welcoming foreigners to the country and the Turkish reputation for genuine friendliness and good service is legendary. Each year over 1 million British visit Turkey on holiday.

English is widely spoken particularly in the Aegean and Mediterranean coastal areas.
From the United Kingdom more and more flights are now serving Turkey that makes the country even more accessible. The average flying time from the UK is 31⁄2 hours.

Turkey enjoys a long summer with mild and pleasant winters.

Turkey has in recent years become a much sought after property destination due in no small way part to the excellent value of property. Turkey was recently voted one of the top European countries for quality and capital investment.

The Turkish property market is well established and thriving and certainly offers a very sound and highly attractive financial opportunity.