Bodrum and beyond

The vibrant and sophisticated town of Bodrum is the centre of the peninsula that takes it’s name and the area is a magnet to many visitors each year who are attracted by its Mediterranean atmosphere, history and culture. There is something for everybody in the Bodrum Peninsula.

In the north of the Peninsula, just 30 minutes by excellent road from Bodrum, lies the fishing town of Gulluk.

Gulluk translated into in Turkish means “place of roses” that probably gives more than a good first impression and introduction to this beautiful location on the Aegean Sea.

Many ask why Gulluk has only become known in very recent times. Gulluk is enjoying a renaissance brought about by the relocation of the port area in the centre of the town. The old port has moved to a new site several kilometres away and this clears the way for the development of the town and surrounding area.

The plans for Gulluk are very exciting and tourism experts have already referred to it as the future “Portofino of Turkey” High praise indeed and thus the perfect holiday location for those seeking quiet and peaceful surroundings.

Known as the “fishing paradise of Turkey”, it is not surprising that the town of Gulluk is famous for its fish restaurants where sea bass and sea bream are the speciality.
Gulluk enjoys the enviable position of being in a quiet and peaceful location but it is by no means remote. Of its many plus points, one is Gulluk’s location and accessibility. The international airport at Bodrum Milas is a mere 15 minutes away.
Gulluk is set in a protected bay on the Aegean coast and enjoys the most remarkable and romantic sunsets. Surrounded by forests, olive, almond and orange plantations, the Bay of Gulluk is full of small-unspoilt bays, coves and beaches.

The renaissance of Gulluk is already under way and even with all the exciting plans for the town, you can be assured that Gulluk will always retain its special charm and above all, its quiet and peaceful character.